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E.G. Insight develops and implements feedback processes that yield
deeper understanding of the current health of critical business relationships.
We assist clients to use their unique results to make better business decisions,
take definitive action and guide organizational improvement.

The Customer Review process (CRp)
Equip your people to interview key influencers and decision-makers in key customer organizations, enabling them to strengthen relationships, meet customer needs and discover new opportunities.

Customer Surveys
Use the latest online technology to gather actionable, focused  customer feedback. Our surveys are individually designed to meet our client’s specific customer feedback needs.

Employee Surveys
Gain an understanding of employees’ perceptions, gauge their level of engagement and satisfaction, and determine effective follow-up actions.

Market Studies
Anticipate the future market for your products and services by understanding your past, current and potential customers better. Uncover the challenges, opportunities and trends that highlight the decisions they face.

Talk2® Employee Interviews
Foster open conversations between employees and leaders. Use this structured approach to capture information, feedback and ideas to improve organizational performance, accelerate change, and create more effective working relationships.

Customer Advisory Boards
Create panels of senior-level customer contacts to see your business through their eyes, get input on major decisions, and gain early knowledge of emerging trends in their industries. Engage in regular, structured, strategic dialogue with the customers that matter most to your business.

Focus Groups
Invite key buyers to participate in ad hoc groups to help your organization understand customer issues, opportunities and market developments in greater detail. Use customer contacts to explore options, validate decisions, and gauge the impact of improvements to products and services.

Partner Review
Obtain detailed feedback from your valued business partners. By interviewing key representatives in your partner organizations and taking action on the results you will assess your strengths as a partner, solidify existing relationships, reinforce commitment to the partnership, and derive greater value

Supplier Review
An interview-based process for gathering feedback from key supplier personnel and their counterparts within your organization.