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Talk2® Employee Interviews

Foster open conversations between employees and leaders. Use this structured approach to capture information, feedback, and ideas to improve organizational performance, accelerate change, and create more effective working relationships.

Why It's Different

Talk2 combines the measurement elements of more traditional employee surveys with the in-depth qualitative comments of an interview to yield results that are measurable, actionable, and traceable over time. Talk2 goes beyond other feedback methods, giving the employees you most need to hear from a clear voice into the decisions and actions related to complex issues. Talk2 engages key employees in developing solutions, not simply voicing opinions.

When It's Right

Talk2 interviews are done to gather the detailed opinions, ideas, and recommendations required to address vexing organizational challenges or capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities. Unlike other forms of employee feedback, Talk2 is a process for engaging in structured dialogue with targeted internal audiences, such as key opinion leaders, technical or subject matter experts, or emerging leaders.

Who It's For

The Talk2 approach is for organizations facing significant changes due to mergers and acquisitions, major reorganizations, changing workforce dynamics, or shifts in the external environment due to changing customer needs, regulatory changes, new technologies, or competitive threats.

How It Works

E.G. Insight guides each step along the way:

  • Define the objectives for gathering detailed feedback from employees
  • Determine the information needed to guide decisions and actions
  • Design interview guides to address complex issues and elicit the desired feedback from key employees
  • Select the employee group(s) most able to provide desired input
  • Equip leaders and managers to conduct in-depth interviews inside the organization
  • Report and analyze the data, summarize the results, and present key findings to senior leaders
  • Facilitate follow-up action planning in response to what was learned

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