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Partner Review

Obtain detailed feedback from your valued business partners. By interviewing key representatives in your partner organizations and taking action on the results, you will assess your strengths as a partner, solidify existing relationships, reinforce commitment
to the partnership, and derive greater value.

Why It's Different

The Partner Review is based on the premise that gathering feedback from important contacts ought to be a relationship-building activity – not only a research study. By putting partner feedback – both metrics and insightful comments – directly into the hands of those who can act upon it, the Partner Review process enables companies to take action quickly on the business opportunities and improvement needs identified by partners.

When It's Right

The Partner Review process is for companies that realize that long-term success with partners depends upon the quality of the relationships between organizations. The Partner Review interviews go beyond measurement to gain a deeper understanding of your partners’ needs, business challenges, and expectations of your company. Partner Review users get detailed information about partners’ perceptions of performance, the ease of doing business together, and the overall value of the partnership.

Who It's For

The Partner Review process is for companies whose business success depends upon collaborative relationships with other organizations, including:

  • Major resellers of your products and services
  • Strategic alliance partners
  • Outsourced service providers

How It Works

E.G. Insight works with clients across the four phases of the Partner Review process:

Plan Set the overall process objectives, define the partner base to be included, and determine the information needs.
Gather Prepare your teams to carry out face-to-face interviews with the selected partner contacts, schedule and conduct the reviews, and submit results.
Report Report individual, group, and overall results. Analyze and summarize the findings and present the key messages to senior leaders in your organization and to your partners.
Act Communicate results both internally and externally. Plan and execute actions within your own company and collaboratively with your partners.

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