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Focus Groups

Invite key buyers to participate in ad hoc groups to
help your organization understand customer issues,
opportunities, and market developments in greater detail. Use
customer contacts to
explore options, validate decisions, and gauge the impact of improvements to products and services.

Why It's Different

E.G. Insight focus groups are custom-designed to meet each client’s specific needs. We are a full-service focus group provider, ensuring everything needed to conduct and facilitate effective focus groups is implemented flawlessly.

Our goal is to consistently deliver focus groups that meet your information needs. We welcome our clients’ active participation in each stage of the process. We realize each focus group is an extension of our client as they reach out to their most valuable customers in a thorough, professional manner.

When It's Right

Focus groups are an excellent option for organizations that need to delve more deeply into their customer feedback. They're great for companies that want a deeper, more detailed understanding of what key customers are thinking about important issues.

Who It's For

  • Organizations desiring a deep understanding, at a very granular level, of what their customers are asking for.
  • Companies who are actively implementing customer feedback processes, but are not satisfied that those processes are providing the actionable, detailed information they need.
  • Companies contemplating significant new products or additional services, entering new geographies, or creating new pricing models.
  • Organizations in search of greater confidence about their decision-making in the face of significant change.

How It Works

E.G. Insight focus groups are tailored to meet our clients’ specific information needs. We provide a complete range of services related to focus group administration, including:

  • Protocol design
  • Communications before, during, and after focus group events
  • Facilitation
  • Data collection, storage, and analysis
  • Action planning

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