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Employee Surveys

Gain an understanding of employees’ perceptions,
gauge their level of engagement and satisfaction,
and determine
effective follow-up actions.

Why It's Different

Our employee surveys are custom-designed, intended to fit each client’s history, culture, and needs. Surveys are pilot tested with a small group of employees to ensure understanding and allow for question validation, confirming that we are actually measuring what we think we are measuring. The Executive Summary of results – statistical analysis and major themes – is thorough, understandable, timely, and actionable.

When It's Right

Employee surveys are right when leaders need to efficiently gather actionable information from a broad employee audience. Good data leads to confident decisions about leadership and supervision, resources, tools, and processes, employee communication, recognition, compensation and benefits, training, or diversity. Employee surveys help companies stay competitive in attracting and retaining qualified talent.

Who It's For

Employee surveys are for organizations seeking to understand employee perceptions and where to apply resources to best serve their employees (and their customers). Our clients often desire the ability to analyze their organization’s results by location, division, or department.

How It Works

E.G. Insight is a full-service employee survey provider. The usual steps in a survey engagement include:

  • Survey design
  • Communications before, during, and after survey launch
  • Survey pilot testing and validation
  • Online survey hosting/paper survey distribution
  • Participation tracking
  • Data collection, processing, and storage
  • Report creation and distribution
  • Complete analysis of findings and recommendations
  • Follow-up action planning and communication of results

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