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Customer Surveys

Use the latest online technology to gather actionable, focused  customer feedback. Our surveys are individually designed
to meet our client’s specific customer feedback needs.

Why It's Different

Our customer surveys are designed to meet each client’s custom needs. E.G. is a full-service survey developer, providing everything needed to ensure that each survey is flawlessly implemented.

Our goal is to consistently deliver surveys that meet your information needs.

We realize each survey is an extension of our client's image and brand. As they reach out to valuable customers, it's critical to do so in a thorough and professional manner. Our survey development process ensures that our clients' questions are addressed in the survey and the content makes a positive impression on the respondent.

When It's Right

Customer surveys are a good option for organizations that need to quickly gather customer feedback from a wide variety of contacts, whether they're local, national, or global.

Who It's For

  • Companies faced with significant changes, including emerging markets, new competitors and technologies, mergers and acquisitions, and evolving needs for services. 
  • Companies seeking to measure the strength of relationships with their valuable customers.
  • Organizations desiring information about their ability to meet current customer needs and a better understanding of how those needs will change in the future.

How It Works

E.G. Insight is a full-service provider, and each survey is tailored to meet our clients' specific feedback needs. Customer surveys are typically implemented online, but alternative methods may be used. We provide a broad range of survey-related services, including:

  • Survey design
  • Communications before, during, and after survey launch
  • Survey pilot testing and validation
  • Online survey hosting/paper survey distribution
  • Participation tracking
  • Data collection, processing, and storage
  • Report creation and distribution
  • Complete analysis of findings and recommendations
  • Follow-up action planning and communication of results

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