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Customer Advisory Boards

Create panels of senior-level customer contacts to see your
business through their eyes
, get input on major decisions,
gain early knowledge of emerging trends in their industries.
Engage in
regular, structured, strategic dialogue
with the customers that matter most to your business.

Why It's Different

Inviting key customer contacts to join a select group of advisors is an acknowledgement of that customer’s importance to your business. Participation in board events increases members’ confidence that you are committed to their success in addition to your own.

Executive contacts also appreciate the opportunity to share information and learn from their counterparts in other companies and across industry groups.

When It's Right

Getting feedback from high-level customer contacts can be a challenge with traditional “voice of the customer” approaches, but members of customer advisory boards consistently say that they welcome the opportunity to have input on the strategies and plans of their supplier partners.

Advisory boards formalize that process and help to create competitive advantage by demonstrating a clear commitment to listening to customers and creating tighter bonds with high-level contacts.

Outside facilitation helps members to candidly discuss common issues facing their companies and offer rich feedback regarding the supplier-sponsor’s products, services, and performance.

Who It's For

Companies seeking enhanced dialogue and recommendations from a trusted group of senior decision-makers within strategic customer organizations.

How It Works

E.G. Insight guides each step in launching and managing a customer advisory group:

  • Clarify the objectives and set the charter for the board
  • Develop criteria for selecting potential board members
  • Establish and communicate the expectations of board members
  • Design the content of the board proceedings and facilitate the interaction at board events
  • Capture, analyze, and report the key findings from board events and present to leaders of the sponsor organization
  • Develop follow-up, “close the loop” communications to summarize results and communicate actions to board members after each event

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