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Customer Review process (CRp)

Equip your people to interview key influencers and
in key customer organizations,
enabling them to
strengthen relationships, meet
customer needs,
and discover new opportunities.

Why It's Different

The CRp® interview approach is based on the premise that gathering feedback from key customers ought to be a relationship-building activity – not only a research study.

By putting customer feedback – both metrics and insightful comments – directly into the hands of those who can act upon it, the CRp enables companies to take action quickly on the business opportunities and improvement needs identified by customers.

In addition, customers routinely express appreciation for the commitment to listening and understanding their needs that the CRp method conveys.

When It's Right

The Customer Review process fits best for organizations that emphasize the quality of customer relationships as a competitive differentiator. The CRp interviews go beyond measurement to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, challenges, and strategic direction.

CRp users get detailed information about customer perceptions of performance, how they compare to competitors in the marketplace, and the specific actions that can be taken to serve customers more effectively.

Who It's For

The CRp interview process is for organizations in need of detailed feedback from their most important customers, including:

  • Companies with multiple contacts and buying influences within large accounts
  • Organizations facing significant changes due to market shifts, mergers and acquisitions, geographic expansion or evolving customer needs
  • Companies experiencing “churn” in relationships with customers due to internal reorganizations, or the departure of key contacts

How It Works

E.G. Insight works with clients across the four phases of the Customer Review process:

Plan Set the overall process objectives, define the customer base to be included, and determine the information needs.
Gather Prepare your teams to carry out face-to-face interviews with the selected customer contacts, schedule and conduct the reviews, and submit results.
Report Report individual, group, and overall results. Analyze and summarize the findings and present the key messages to senior leaders in your organization.
Act Communicate results both internally and externally. Plan and execute actions at the individual, account, and enterprise levels in response to the findings.

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