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About E.G. Insight

Regardless of what business you’re in – manufacturing, retail, law, distribution, etc. – you need loyal customers. You need to keep customers coming back and buying more. And in order to do that, you need the unvarnished feedback of customers and employees alike.

E.G. Insight helps you uncover essential information across your organization to make tough decisions with confidence.

Our History – The Early Years

In 1990, our firm began as the Quality Institute International when we launched the Customer Review process (or CRp® interview process), a qualitative and quantitative tool created to:

  • Help you conduct strategic conversations with your most valued customers
  • Build strong business relationships
  • Assess customer confidence

The process was ahead of its time and brought the voice of the customer into quality improvement efforts. It helped to answer the pressing Total Quality Management (TQM) questions of the day: How should we decide what to work on? What changes do our customers need us to make? What will make a difference to our most valued customers? How should we communicate the changes we make to our customers?

In these early years, we began successful business relationships with companies that we still serve today. In 1998, QI International was acquired by Personnel Decisions International (PDI), which owned the firm until 2006. The tradition of gathering key relationship insights was continued – with an even broader global scope – offering the Customer Review process as well as other feedback-gathering processes, including customer and employee surveys.

Fast Forward

In 2006, the company became E.G. Insight under the leadership of Eric Engwall (the “E”) and Gary Gerds (the “G”).  Our goal is still the same: to help you uncover essential information about your customers and employees to make tough decisions with confidence.

E.G. Insight’s surveys, focus groups, market studies, Talk2® employee interviews, and the face-to-face Customer Review process are all designed to give you the knowledge and understanding needed to move confidently into the future to become more competitive and drive sales growth.

Our Proprietary Tool: The CRp® Interview Process

The Customer Review process (or CRp interview process) – and its proprietary Customer Confidence Index® score – is still a key offering. Although gathering customer feedback is no longer revolutionary, the process is distinguished by creating:

  • A forum for you to share a human moment with a key customer contact (face-to-face); conducting consistent, strategic customer conversations across the globe
  • Useful technology to share information – online entry of conversation recaps, 24/7 access, and generating your own tracking reports as needed
  • A comprehensive analysis of findings; E.G. connects the dots across all customer conversations to identify systemic and organization-wide issues, in addition to those that are account-specific

“If the right people in your organization have the right conversation with an unhappy customer, it becomes a defining moment,” says Engwall. “It can turn an account around. This is a process that has value for the person managing the day-to-day interactions with the customer and also has value for the senior leadership team looking at customers in a broader way. There are few tools that will give you both – information at ground level and at 30,000 feet.”

“Often we’ll hear that ‘my best account people are already having effective conversations with our customers,’” says Gerds. “And maybe it’s something your ‘A’ players are doing. But what percentage of your account people are A players? Ten percent? Fifteen percent?” Gerds asks. Wouldn’t you like to have more of your B and C players engaging in meaningful conversations with customer contacts?”

What are you doing that’s more valuable than talking to your most important customers about their needs? The Customer Review process is an effective way of gathering new and confirmatory information while giving you the insight to move forward with confidence.

E.G. Insight’s Solutions for Employees and Partners

It is also critical to gather and understand employee and partner feedback in order to make confident business decisions. Read about our approach and offerings for employees and partners at the links below.